The Best Pictures of the World

By Jae Youn Ryu

By Guerel Sahin

Central Park, by Hatice Korkmaz

By Qorz

Cappadocia, By Kyrenian

© L A R S • V A N • D E • G O O R

By Steven Krohn

Venice, by Robin

Lake Bled, Slovenia by Azman Miro

Istambul by İlhan Türkmen

by Terence White

Unknown author

© F A B R I C E • S I L L Y

© A A R O N • S H A V E R

© L E S Z E K • W Y R Z Y K O W S K I

By Nesimenur

Ball Dress by Olivier Theyskens for Nina Ricci, New York, 2007



A legend in image making, Irving Penn was able to reveal what a camera can do as a tool for portraiture, still lifes, and fashion through his mastery of photographic technique and the printing process. This exhibition pays homage to Penn’s legacy and his penchant for stark lines, dramatic tonal range, beautiful people and fabrics, and the ability to bring inanimate objects to life with the pop of a shutter. This is the first major retrospective of the artist’s work in the last 20 years.

Tulipas do papagaio, 1988 - Robert Mapplethorpe:


The Perfect Médio | Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) e J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA.

Unknown author

Unknown author

The color blue once identified homes belonging to Jodhpur’s Brahmins, but that’s no longer the case. As soon as he took it, Alex Sneiders knew that this shot—and two more like it—would make the trek worth it.



It wasn't the teeming hordes of pedestrians that alarmed Alex Sneiders as he made his way through the sweltering streets of Jodhpur, India. As this doctor from Owatonna, Minnesota, recalls, something else about the famous “Blue City” tormented him. While indigos were certainly dominant in Jodhpur, the city offered the Mentor Series visitors a host of other colors, as well. “The blues were wonderful, but they also made great backgrounds for subjects with contrasting colors,” says Sneiders.

Founded in 1692 by a Jesuit missionary, Tucson’s San Xavier del Bac Mission is possibly the most photographed building in the American Southwest and definitely worth a visit, says Berger.



“The light was everything,” says retired electrical engineer Michael Berger of the Tucson area, where he traveled with the Mentor Series last November. “It’s the kind of lighting that’s hard to find in other places, especially in the wet Northwest where I’m from,” says the resident of Portland, Oregon. “In Arizona, you get dry air and a low sun. Both make for a great quality of light in mornings and late afternoons.”

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