Arc Bicycle: 3D printed steel bike

u l t i m a t e  d e s i g n

S t y l i s h  S i n k s

Sink made using petrified wood

Good use of shadows

Good use of shadows

Almost invisible

Another modern masterpiece

Blown glass faucet

For all the ice fishers out there

WAN House of the Year Award 2012 Winner Studio Seilern Architects

Glass sink with fun colors

Definitely hard to clean

Move the ball to change the temperature and color


Move the ball to change the temperature and color

Simple and elegant

Modern wood sink

Another colorful glass sink

Sink made using a single stone

Nice splash of color

Very neat pedastal sink

Elegant wooden sink

Elegant wooden sink

Great for a modern home

Moroccan styling

Waterfall sink

Geologists love this sink

Peeled off the wall

You can feed the fish while you brush your teeth

I might forget those aren’t holes, but would get used to it

I would turn on the water just to watch it go around

Sink made using petrified wood

Transparent bottom

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