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The Sidewalks of Paris by Sebastian Erras

Sebastian Erras Photography


Born in 1986 in the south of Germany, I started my interest in photography with a trip to the Massai Mara in Kenya. I had bought an old analogue SLR and a few lenses and started to capture the local wildlife. Back in Germany I kept on exploring the local wildlife and specialized myself on birds and orchids. Since 2009 I am a full-member of the GDT and CO-Founder of the GDT Youth Group. Meanwhile my work has been published in numerous nature and wildlife magazines and in 2010 I won the 2nd prize of the Fritz Pölking Nachwuchspreis der GDT. After having finished my business diploma in Germany, I made my passion my work. Traveling the world and exploring new cultures is another passion I try to fulfill as much as I can. Recently I rediscovered the interest in analogue and instant photography with a specific passion for multiple exposures. To find out more about my analogue and instant images, visit my other website Analogue Love.

After my studies in International Marketing, I decided to fulfill my dream and become a fulltime photographer. Having always had a passion for design and architecture, I specialized in the field of interior and architecture photography. Working now for multiple clients all over Europe, I continue living my passion of photography, travel and exploring new things.

Boulevard Saint Germain

Rue Victore Masse

Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière

Rue de Bretagne

Rue Victore Masse

Rue Saint Martin

Rue Ordener

Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau

Rue du Louvre

Rue de Saintonge

Rue de Rivoli

Place du Marché Saint-Honoré

Place des Pyramides

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