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Phillip Thomas'solution for women without breezy backyards: the "lady lair." Inspired by his hard-working mother, Thomas chose to transform his room in this year's Kips Bay Decorator Show House into a stylish and multifunctional refuge for the woman of the household.

His goal was to create an environment that could serve multiple purposes. For starters, there's the bold green desk that works as an office area that inspires creativity. A pair of whimsical armchairs create a private television viewing space (so you can finally watch your chick flicks in peace). And a cozy daybed allows for relaxing Saturday afternoon naps or a quiet nighttime getaway when someone snores a little too loudly. 

But the most non-conventional feature in the room has to be the spray paint-covered walls. To keep them from feeling like the side of an abandoned building, Thomas upholstered the walls in a canvas of nylon and viscose before letting the graffiti artist get to work. If you look closely, you'll even find his logo spray painted next to the entrance of the room, which serves as his' final touch on a classic, yet current design.

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